Aaaarghhhhh – Hag in the mirror

Goodness what a shock I had when I look in the mirror in the ladies loos at work.  There is sunlight streaming in through the window so you can see everything very cleary.  What a fright I got.  This weekend, yes this weekend I need to sort myself out.

When I looked in the mirror I saw a very tired looking face with grey roots that is about two weeks overdue for a colour, lots of wrinkles because all my lotions and potions are finished and then also three YES 3 zits on my forehead.  That is not fair, wrinkles and zits.

Then I looked down at my toenails.  Yes, ok I have an excuse for the one toe because that is only half a toe nail but what about the other nine?  Do they deserve only half a toe worth on nail polish as well?  I don’t think, I’m sure they would be happy to have a full coat with undercoat and topcoat on. 

Then my eyes wandered to the little bit of leg showing between my sandals and my 3/4 pants.  Goodness those guys killing the white sealion cubs in Canada need to come and make a visit in my village – my leghair are definitely longer and whiter than those seals but maybe not softer.

How is it possible to get into such a state without noticing?  I look at the mirror every morning but I suppose I see but not really look at the image in the mirror.  Me thinks it is time for a bit of a change.

Next week – hair cut and a pedi and maybe a facial.  Just got to find a suitable person to do the pedi and facial or maybe I should just try the salon at Dischem.

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