She really just cracks me up sometimes:

Zoe and Dad in the bath:

Dad trying to make conversation:

Dad: Zoe what did you do at school today

Zoe:  I’ve told you yesterday what we do at school

Dad:  Zoe who did you play with today

Zoe:  I’ve told you who my friends are and they are still my friends

Driving in the car and she did not like the music on the one station, obedient mom that I am, I switched it to another station – they were playing a Johnny Clegg song and she promptly says that she does not want to listen to Wimpy!!

And then the best of all – actually a bit shocking and cringe worthy but here we go.  She was unpacking my handbag in the car, looking for some restaurant sweets and came upon a Tampon.  What did she say: “Mommy I’ve got something for your bum!”  – luckily the only other person in the car was my mom.  So how red can my face turn at the age of 36!!!!

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