What a picture Zoe imprinted in my mind this morning.  Sitting in the car with clothes that are about a year to big for her – hand me downs that she loves more than all the clothes I buy for her.  Well here she is sitting in the car with a jersey over her head and singing on top of her voice: “I’m a diva, I’m a diva, I’m a diva”, whilst making very strange dance movements with her arms.  Gotta love this kid!!!

I must say she has sang quite a few “thruths” when she sings to herself like this.  Once on the beach she sang to great enjoyment of the family – “everything is nothing, everything is nothing”

I really should learn not to just switch off when she talk a mile a minute, sometimes she can say such entertaining things.  On sunday she told her Dad that it is rude to ignore people when they talk to you!  Where does she learn these words?

On the cellulite front – I did go out and buy the cream for the cellulite and for good measure some pills as well.  I’m sure the lady that I buy it from must read my blog because the first thing she told me was that I should use it for at least a month and not give up after 2 days.  The freaking cream burnt like fire for about an hour but let’s hope that means it is effective.

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