Old mums versus young mums

When I dropped Zoe off at school this morning I was once again struck by the difference between the old mums and the young mums at the school.  There is just such a marked difference between the groups, I actually find it absolutely amazing.

The first difference must be that the young mums are all dressed to kill and all have this tiny figures.  The all wear heals and their hair are done and the make are done and they just look very well put togehter.  The old mums are all dressed and neat but that is it – they are presentable and will make it to work without insulting anybody.

The next difference are the kids.  Young mums have kids with hair with gel in and brand name shoes and shorts or skirts that match their school shirts perfectly.  Old mums, well it is obvious that the kids dress themselves – old mums believe it is good for their desicison making skills and their creativity and it comes out in the clothes, boots with shorts and nothing matches.  The children of the old mums all have neat hair but there is now way that it can be described as a funky hairstyle.

I wonder how these differences translate into the kid’s personalities and other aspects of their lives?  I did once speak to a teacher and she did say that the children of older mums have a much better vocabulary than the kids of younger mums.

All I know is that I’m very grateful that I can be have the label of an older mum because in my twenties the responsibility of a child would’ve been way way to much for me.

And this brings me to the next musing about age and the growth you have.  I’ve been speaking to a few friends about this and we are all in agreement that it is so much easier to be in your 30’s than in your 20’s.  The biggest advantage for most of us is definitely that most of the angst in life has dissapeared.  We really do not care about being seen in the latest fashion or the latest hairstyle.  Most of us want to be comfortable in what we wear and bugger the rest of the world if they judge us on our clothes or make-up or hair.

We are also much healthier than in our twenties.  All the marketing about healthy foods etc must have played a role in this but I think we also do it for our kids – our example to eat healthy and to be active will eventually play a big role in the choices our kids make.

And then the biggest advantage must be the peace you have that you know who you are and you have a pretty good ifdea of where you are going.

I love being old! Tongue out

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5 Responses to Old mums versus young mums

  1. RACHAELG says:

    Lol, great post. I’m also in my 30’s and happier for having my cub when I did, at 29.But I think the personalities of the parents also play an important role, because there are young ones who do think in the long term, like us older mums.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Yes definitely there are young mums that do think like older mums. Just take Charlotte here on Parent24 Blogs as an example!

  3. bibibapka says:

    I’m not sure exactly where I fit in with the old versus young spectrum :)I’m 34 and have 4 kids aged from 4-16. (I obviously started VERY young)As Pinball said, it depends a lot on the personality of the mother. I have always been very practical. No frills, no fuss. It also depends on the number of kids you have. Most first time parents go all out on unnecessary and sometimes impractical things. But at the end of the day it’s each to his own. I have grown with my kids and wouldn’t do it any other way.

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Bibi I have tremendous admiration for young mums because I really do not think I would’ve been able to handle the enormous responsibility of a child when I was younger. Somedays I still feel to young to cope and I wish for more wisdom.

  5. bibibapka says:

    Don’t we all 🙂

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