Eish just too tired

What an incredibly busy weekend.  My brain is completely fried and therefore this is going to be an extremely short post.

Saturday night went on until 2 in the morning and by 8:30 the next morning we were already in the car again to go to Sun City.  A whole day in the sun and water and I’m really exhausted today.

I do wonder sometimes if we are not doing some harm to Zoe by raising her as a single child.  Yesterday at Sun City there were loads of friends around but she prefered to play all by herself with the sand.  Later on some of the kids joined her and they did all play togehter quite nicely but she is just so happy with her own company.  Well saying that – I’m quite happy with my own company as well.

On another note – after yesterday’s sucking in of the stomach the whole time while I was in a bikini I have decided that I must do something about my weight.  Obviously at my age running is just not enough anymore.  So no more Flings and I’m really going to try and eat more fruit and veg and drink more water.  I really do not want to go on a formal diet but I think it is time to think more about the choices I make when eating.

And then I do not know what to do about my feet.  They were always quite good looking for feet.Tongue out But now they are a completely disaster area.  One missing toe nail, hard skin all over and all the healing blisters and new blisters.  Because it is so dry I even have a crack, yes horrors of horrors a crack on my one heel.  I’m really too ashamed to go for a pedicure while my feet look like this plus a pedicure will get rid of all the hard skin that I have because of the running and that will mean that running is going to be very painful again. None of the the home remedies are working anymore.  So my only option I suppose is to hide these horrors in closed shoes but eish it is so hot and I have such lovely sandals or the other option is to just not care and hope nobody notice my feet.

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One Response to Eish just too tired

  1. betsgreyling says:

    Relax…. almal weet “runners” het lelike voete. Die arme goed werk baie hard.

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