DUF’s for Friday


1.  Still feeling very angry at the state of the nation

2.  Massive headache

3.  Very down about the situation at work, anybody out there who wants to buy a mill or a scrubber? Smile


1.  Running and training for that marathon is going well.

2.  Good running friends

3.  Zoe is really such an angel – I love her more every day – is that possible?

4.  My blog – it does help me to release a lot of feelings


1.  Liewe Heksie show at Emporors tomorrow with Zoe

2.  Rugby at Loftus – just to clarify I do not support on of those teams.

3.  Aches and Pains party at the club on Saturday night

4.  Valley of the waves on Sunday for a birthday party

5.  Dinner at Cape Town Fish market tonight.

Goodness getting tired just looking at my weekend ahead.

Stay safe and happy.

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2 Responses to DUF’s for Friday

  1. betsgreyling says:

    Spog jy of kla jy?

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Vrydag het ek uitgesien maar vandag dink ek dit was dalk nie so ‘n goeie idee nie.

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