Not much to say today

My mom is on holiday at the moment so my freedom to run, when I want is a bit restricted.  Therefore I go to the gym to run on the treadmill before I go to pick up Zoe.  Now I really really despise to run on the threadmill – it just feels so much further than when you run on the road.

The next problem is that I get to the gym at around 2 in the afternoon which means that there is not even people to watch and to entertain myself with.  There is only oldies and fatties (sorry no offensive it just sounds good) there, no hunks to drool over or some steriod junkies to giggle at. 

I’ve run over 12 kilometers on the treadmill in the last two days and I’m absolutely exhausted.  12 Kilometers on the road is nothing but goodness it feels although I’ve done a marathon.  I suppose the tiredness is not helped by the fact that I’ve slept part of the last two nights in a single bed with a princess duvet cover.

Yes Zoe has woken up during the night the past two nights and crawled into our bed.  That is not really a problem but she gets extremely irritated when somebody gets into her space while she sleeps and she will just kick out until the offending limb, stomach or head has been removed.  Easier to just get up and go to her bed.

Now on the cellulite saga, after a bit of research it seems although I have to do the following:

1.  Drink lots of water – when I do that I spend half my work day in the loo – not a good idea.

2.  Do not drink coffee – how am I supposed to survive a day especially when I’m this tired without coffee

3.  Cut out salt – what about my Flings (have I mentioned that I love Flings 🙂 ) and if I cut out salt I get cramps when I run.

4.  Eat lots of fruit and vegs – well here at least I do not have an excuse and I should actually eat more fruit and veg.

So out of the 4 most important things I can do one – will a 25% decrease in the cellulite make a difference – lets hope so.  And in the mean time I will go out and buy some horribly expensive cellulite cream as well and use it for 2 days and see now difference and then throw it into the cupboard to gather dust.  And even when I know I will do that I will still go out and do it.

Hey – great news – I’ve bought two Christmas presents yesterday.  What a joy it is to have a family that is sport crazy – Sportsmans Warehouse is like a great big treasure trove full of presents.  I’ll be back there next month to buy some more.  Whilst talking about my sport mad family – I have an aunt that is 73 and she is still in the gym everyday.  Her story is a story for a different day.

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One Response to Not much to say today

  1. snuamah says:

    Good one on dietary modification,have a lovely day.

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