Well heeelllooo there

It’s been quite a while now that I’ve noticed that the skin on my legs have a bit of a strange texture.  I’ve decided to ignore it or to blame it on the light falling strangely on my legs or the winter white skin.  Luckily the opportunities to notice these changes on my thighs were not too much because it was winter so I was wearing winter clothes and even going to the gym I was alway in thights.

Well that denial came to an abrupt end yesterday afternoon in the gym.  I had running shorts on because I was running on the treadmill and I then did a few downward facing dogs to strecth out all my stiff muscles.  And that is where I made the mistake, instead of looking down as I should in downward facing dog, I looked at my thighs and there it was – the unmistakable signs of cellulite!  Ohhh no!!! Cellulite and uncontrollable weight gain, what is next?  I already have the grey hair and the wrinkles and now I have cellulite as well!

Well that was the last downward facing dog for the day and I quickly ran back to the car to hide my hideous legs from the eyes of the world. 

So today the gameplan is to research on the internet to see what I can do and if that does not work I’ll have to invest in some running clothes that will hide the cellulite.

And now that I have that off my chest, just a few other rambling happenings in my life.

Last night I was able to harvest the first of my lettuce leaves from my own garden, for a dedicated Woolies girl who believes in lettuce being shredded and washed and put into a bag for her, it was quite a big step to eat stuff straight from the garden.  However I may be a convert now because the leaves were just so much brighter and crsiper than the ones you buy in bags.

Zoe really missed her own company this weekend when we went away with friends and a bunch of kids. Since Sunday she is constanly in her room playing with her dolls, even her clingingness is better.

I’ve realised this morning that I do not have any Christmast presents yet and that is a big thing for me because my presents are normally all bought and wrapped by the end of November.  Luckily I have some ideas on what I want to buy most of the people on my list and I have also scrapped a few people from my present list so that makes it a bit cheaper and easier.  I think I better go and get a few things on that list this afternoon.

Ohhh please please please can this wind and clouds bring some rain?  We city people are complaining but I can just imagine how bad it must be for the farmers.  The dust and constant watering of the garden is driving me mad.

Please excuse any spelling mistakes but I can not do a spel check all of a sudden.

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