I’ve found the secret

Yes I think I have found the secret to being a more relaxed, tolerant and therefore better mother.

First of all you need to have at least one other mom and at least the two dads around to make this work.

Then throw all the kids from the respective parents into the mix, add a pub with mystery cocktails, a swimming pool next to the pub, a jumping castle big enough for grown ups and a trampoline.  Very comfortable chairs and an eager waiter makes for even easier parenting and there you go.

Kids get lots of attention and there is always somebody watching them even when this mom’s attention is wandering to the next mystery cocktail and Hubby’s is climbing and sliding on the jumping castle.  In 10 minutes I will take over watching the kids in the pool and the other mom can make her choice between the purple, pink or brown cocktail

The kids eat like horses – yes thank you waiter another toasted ham and cheese and a chocolate milkshake.  They exercise ten times more than what they will normally exercise in the city and at seven at night peace and quite will fall over the campsite because all the kids will be fast asleep from all the clean air, good food and playing.

Moms and dads can then quietly reflect on a good day and put something on the braai to munch on and congratulate ourselves on an excellent choice for a weekend away and for being such good parents.

Tongue out

Only problem with this approach is that all plans for running long distances on empty farm roads drowned in the pool where the kids were swimming because I just could not work up enough energy after the lazyness of the day before and the day before the day before to go out for a run.

So on the staying slim, trim and fit side – this weekend was definitely not a good idea!!  Back to the treadmill this week.

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