Teenager in a three year old body

This is the conversation we had this morning. 

I was in the bath washing my hair and Zoe was bugging me to get out and help her with her clothes.

Here is the conversation:

Mom: “Zoe go and get your clothes – remember it is a blue school shirt today.”

Zoe: “OK Mom” – Zoe leaving the bathroom.

Mom sinking into the bathwater – grateful for the 2 seconds of peace and quiet.

Zoe back in bathroom

Zoe: “Mom there is nothing to wear, there is only this much clothes”  Showing with her hands a stack that will have about 15 T-shirts in it.

Mom’s jaw dropping in the bathwater and just staring at this child.

Mom recovering a bit

Mom: “Zoe man you must wear a school T-shirt anyway”

Zoe exits the bathroom and mom sits in the bath speechless and counting the cost of clothes once she is really a teenager.

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2 Responses to Teenager in a three year old body

  1. jeanihess says:

    YOu did not swallow any soap suds?

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    I almost did!

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