Incentive to run

Hubby bought me a little gadget to run with.  It is called a Nike armband and what it does is that it measures the distance and times of my runs.  You then download this onto the Nike website where it keeps track of all your runs.  It is also possible to rate the runs and to put notes on this.

Now in itself this is a great motivator because every time I download another run I can see how far I have come since the beginning of the week or the month.  However it does not stop there, it also updates my facebook page with the stats of the run that I have uploaded.

So now all my friends on Facebook can see how far and how regular I have run.  This is a great incentive because naturally most of my friends are runners as well and now it is turning into a mini competition because the more of us that get the Nike armband the more we can see who has run how far and how fast.

I know it may not work for everybody but what a lovely glow I get when a friend tells me that I’m really running hard at the moment and that I will pick the fruit next year at Comrades.  Even better when I’m told that I look really lean and fit at the moment.  Goodness where are the days when I wanted to look skinny and small??? 

So yes for me a little gadget that I can plug into my computer brought back the joy of running and the excitement to see the kilometers pile up.

I wonder when Zoe is going to ask for her own one, since she is now running with me.  I’ve tried to convince her to rather cycle with me but it does not have the same appeal for her.  It may actually be safer for me when she runs with me because her balance on the bike is not too good and she still swerves all over the road and has no regard for heels, ankles or even tripping you up.

I’m raising the next Paula Radcliffe here and also boosting my pension fund! 🙂

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