Confessions of a bookworm

OK here it is – I’m an absolutely awful mother – I absolutely hate to read to Zoe.  I love to read to myself and I can sit and read for a whole day without even thinking it is strange and in a dimly remembered world pre-Zoe I actually would sit down and read a whole book in one sitting.

Since the day I learned to read I absolutey adored it and a whole new world opened up for me.  I really did read anything and everything – even the cereal boxes if I did not have anything else to read.  My time in England was spent in absolute readers nirvana.  Cheap books and two hours on a train each day to read and read and read. If the trains were delayed – GREAT – more time to read – the only time I hated delays were when I finished a book and did not have a spare one on hand.  My handbag was enormous to cope with my current book, my back-up book and obviously my London A-Z.  Yes I know I’m showing my age but I was in England long before e-books or satellite navigation.

And here I go again – telling stories about other things when I want to say how bad I am at reading to Zoe.  I hate that I can actually see my current book laughing at me because he is holding onto the secret of the ending a little longer while I’m grimly stuck in yet another repeat of a Grimm brothers fairytale.  And while I’m talking about Grimm brothers – why are kid’s fairy tales so extremely scary and … well grim?  Maybe that is where the word grim comes from, from the Grimm brothers.  Frankly I find them a bit scary, stepmothers treating the step kids like dirt, witches wanting to eat little kids, parents leaving their kids in the forest, wolves eating grandmothers etc etc.  Surely this is nightmare stuff and why does Zoe absolutely love it?

So now, am I raising a kid who will one day hate reading anything or is the love of reading something that comes in your genes?  My  mother in law was absolutely obsessive about it, she wanted her kids to love to read, she read to them until she had no voice left to read, she bought them books and they were taken to the library once a week.  All three her kids now hate to read and will not even look at a newspaper.  I can not really remember that somebody ever read to me but I was always surrounded by books and I had to beg to be taken to library, especially if it was before the 2 week deadline.  My whole family is like that – the books I buy are taken to the family in Durban to be read and then passed on to the rest of the family around the country and everybody devour the books.  I can’t bear to get rid of my books and my heart is still extremely sore because I had to sell all my books when we left the Bahamas and I was only allowed one box of books when we moved from England.

So lets hope that Zoe has my love to read genes and her dad’s athletic ability genes.

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2 Responses to Confessions of a bookworm

  1. nil says:

    Sy moet lief wees vir lees as jy dink aan hoeveel boeke op haar gerus het terwyl jy swanger was. Kierts regop op die strand met die boek op jou maag gebalanseer.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Hee hee – ja nee soos ek met daai vet maag in die son gesit het soos ‘n Budha en lees het, het Zoe nie ‘n keuse nie sy gaan moet hou van son, see en lees!

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