Cat saga continues

Once again the run at Suikerbosrand will have to wait for another coffee break. 

It is quite a well know fact that my house is continuously sprayed by strange cats.  I went to the SPCA to rent a “humane cat catching cage” but after a week we still had no luck in catching a cat in this thing.  I’ve tried everything I could think of, pilchards, boerewors, chicken and tuna.

Well this morning hubby shook me awake and said the strange cat is in the house.  He jumped out of the bed, went outside through the sliding door in the bedroom and closed the open window in the lounge from the outside.  In the mean time I was sneaking up to the cat from inside the house.  Well imagine my surprise when there was not one but two cats in the lounge.  Seems to me although they have an early morning conference to decide where to pee in my house before going back to their houses for the nice long 18 hour sleep.

The one cat was easy to catch and conveniently we had the SPCA cage ready for it to go into.  The cat did not do anything to my heart because it was just a bog standard brown cat.  However the other cat go hold of my heart and I was almost in tears – long haired, white under body, ginger top and a flat little face.  I asked Hubby if we can’t just let this one go because he is so cute.  As you can imagine that did not go off well and a few choice phrases were flung around.

The next problem, how do we catch this cute cat and if we do catch it what do we do with it?  Luckily we are in the process of buying all the white goods to redo our bathroom and we quickly unpacked the toilet and that was the cute cat’s house for the next 3 and a half hours.

Yes the SPCA only opens at 8:30.  Dropped Zoe at school and then decided to get a coffee at the Wimpy for inner strength before I go to the SPCA.  Well this was a really expensive cup of coffee.  I drove in the yellow lane to skip the long que of cars because I wanted to turn left ahead.  Well next moment EMPD jumped out and I was stopped as was the six cars behind me.  We all go fined and now I’m R500 poorer.  Good on the EMPD guy though – he did not even ask for a bribe!

Anyway got to the SPCA and off loaded the cats.  I asked the lady if they can sterilise them and if I can then come and pick them up and release them back in the neighbourhood, yes I had a major guilt trip about these poor cats and their poor owners who are going to look for them.  Lady at the SPCA said I can do that but it will cost me R350 a cat.  So all in all this morning may cost me up to R1,200!  Eish eina.

I do want to commend the SPCA now as well.  I was completely surprised to see how extremely clean and well kept this facility was.  There are lots of dogs and cats that live there and just walk around on the premises, all well fed and clean and happy.  My two stray cats each got a basket with a pillow in and food and water.  I really do think that those guys will have to go on my list of people to donate things to.

Well that was my morning.  Stomach muscles are burning, I tried to get rid of my pot belly in one session at the gym last night and it was not a good idea.

Let’s hope the owners will go and fetch their cats at the SPCA and pay the R350 release fee.

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2 Responses to Cat saga continues

  1. jeanihess says:

    Cats: 1. No food must be left out … that is usually the main attraction2. You must put the fear of hell up them3. You could lie in wait for them at the entry point. They must not see you. each time that they attempt to enter you must make a loud noise… bang something; burst a balloon … they must not see you … they must link the reponse to their actions i.e. their attempt to enterAlso use a sprayer and spray them with something that they detest … I heard of some orange smelling stuff made of orange peel oils or something?So spray and make noise but do not let them see you because then they will just wait till you are not around and enter anyway.This is a turf fight and the strongest and cleverest ones win.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks Jeanius but it seems although the problem has been solved by taking the stray cats away. It is amazing how relaxed my cat is.

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