Zoe – being cute

Last night was track night again and I went with my mom and Zoe to meet fellow runners.  Hubby was stuck in traffic and could not be there on time.  Well while we run, Zoe and my mom plays around on the track, Zoe on her bicycle and my mom running next to her.  They had to stop at every little mark on the track and she will say what it is: “Strepie, kolletjie, voeltjie poefie!!” and so it went all around the track! 

When hubby finally arrived he decided to rather run up and down the stairs of the stadium than to try and cram a run in, in the short time we had left.  Well Zoe abandoned Ouma and the bicycle immediately to run with Daddy.  Daddy did not plan on this but in the end the two of them had quite a good time playing on the stairs.

I also had a good training run, there was a guy running who is just a little bit faster than me and I tried to catch him the whole time, excellent workout!

Well Zoe’s cuteness only happened after we got home.  We were in the bath and I asked her how many times did she run up and down the stairs.  Well her answer after looking very serious and adapting a thinking pose was “18 hundred times but Daddy did not do as many as me, maybe only 15 hundred times!!”.  I really cracked up with laughter because she was so extremely serious about this whole training thing.

I do hope that we are setting a good example for her, that exercise should be part of your life and that is can be fun as well.  Now if I can only do something about her eating habits, I’m trying to set an example but if she sees anything that looks like a vegetable on her plate she immediately inform me that she is not going to eat that.  She does not even eat french fries!!!!

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