Another Zoe saying

I’ve got to take my cat to the vet this afternoon.  Yes vicious neighbour cat was at it again and has attacked my cat, her paw looks really really awful.

Well hubby and myself discussed it last night and I said I’ll drop Zoe off at my mom’s house and then take the cat to the Vet.  Well Madam had other plans – she want’s to go along.  I explained to her that she can not go along because I’ll have to carry the cat and won’t be able to hold her hand and there will be a lot of cars.  Her reply?: “I’ll hold onto your pants but don’t wear your skinny jeans because I can not hold onto that”.  Well what can I say?

This morning in the car she told me in detail what the “doctor” is going to do to the cat.  He is going to give her an injection and stick a stick in her mouth and then the cat must say “aaahhhhhh”.  Experience talking maybe?

By the way – we have still not caught the cat with the trap from the SPCA.  I have now tried pilchards, boerewors and chicken as bait.  This morning the door of the trap was closed but no cat.  AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH the frustration – however the new game plan is to wait until we can hear the cat in the house, slip out throught the bedroom sliding door, close the window from the outside and then go and catch the cat manually!  However this thing is so wild that I’ll have to stock up on plasters and disinfectant.

DUFs for the week:


1.  Letting a good friend down when he was trying to do good.  Going to feel bad about this one for a long time.  A story for another day.

2.  Not training as hard as I should.

3.  Being very irritated with Zoe for a whole day.


1.  I think I may now have a boss that I like again.  Hooraay!

2.  Not having as many Flings as normal – have I mentioned that I love Flings 🙂

3.  Work is up to date

4.  Spring is here!


1.  Coffee and cake with my mum at Mugg and Bean this afternoon.

2.  A nice run in nature in Suikerbosrand tomorrow.

3.  A half marathon at Wanderers club on Sunday

4.  Date with hubby tonight still a toss up between dinner or something out of the comfort zone and completely unknown – Bingo!

Enjoy the weekend

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