Too old for fashion

In a previous blog I’ve written about the silly dress that had elastic at the waist and how this elastic could not decide where to stay.  Well I was stupid enough to wear the dress again and not only can this dress jump but it can also fly.  Yes I was bending to put things in my car’s boot when the dress decide to blow up in the wind and the bottom part of the dress ended up over my head.  It was the first time in a very very long time that I got a wolf whistle!

Now today I have a shirt on, lovely crisp white shirt with buttons but it has a belt.  And not just any belt but an elastic belt, so now this belt is jumping up and down my straight as a plank body.  Problem with this is that when the belt jumps up it pulls the blouse up so then I have big boobs because the blouse pulls up and my legs look short, the the belt jumps down and my boobs go all flat and my legs go all long!  So now do I want short legs and big boobs or long legs and flat boobs?

I really do think that this should be a lesson to me not to buy anything with a waist every again.

And by the way – who has decided that elastic belts should come back?  I sure I used to wear elastic belts when I was in about Standard 5 and could still show off my tiny waist!!

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