Completely out of sorts

Today I’m just grumpy – how is it possible to run and go to the gym and every week I get on the scales I’m yet again heavier than the previous week.

How is it possible – I really do not eat much – OK I do admit I have a vice – have I mentioned before that I love Flings?  But even with my love of Flings it surely can not mean an extra kilogram each week.

If I go on like this – we have about 14 weeks left in this year, I’m going to be seriously overweight by the Christmas holidays.

My biggest concern is that summer is coming and I won’t be able to hide under bulky jerseys and stretch jeans. 

I don’t feel fatter but maybe I’m gradually getting used to it.  I even tried some of the USN slimming pills and that did not work.

OK – resolutions – I’ll have to exercise smarter and I suppose I’ll have to go cold turkey on the FLings. 


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4 Responses to Completely out of sorts

  1. betsgreyling says:

    Toemaar… as die somer kom word ons weer maerder.

  2. nil says:

    Ai Surit, ek voel jou pyn. Ek weet net nie of ek weer so maer wil wees soos n jaer gelede of net so bietjie maerder as nou.

  3. sportcoach says:

    Hey MomTry this:You’ve got to get the “one third” mix right – ie: your diet must contain 3rd Carbs, 3rd fatty acids (omega 3 like oily fish eg: Sardines, Tuna etc) and 3rd protein (lean fish, chicken, meat)Then, ensure after gym/exercise you provide instant muscle food like 100% whey protein shake (at pharmacies) with 2% milk – within 20 minutes of ending – if not your system goes “catabolic” (eats up muscle to get protein).Use natural fat burners (increase metabolic rate) such as green tea in morning and before bed – no milk or sugar! Eat Chilli (huge in vit C and good metabolic rate lifter), Omega 3 (Oily fish) is also good here.Remember, Gym will initially increase inches, but will even-out as you progress. Remember things like a 6-pack casn never be created solely through gym its about diet!!Then, to keep metabolism fired (secret to losing weight!) eat 4-5 small meals daily, and ALWAYS eat breakfast! (oats is a brilliant one) – if you do this, you can eat flings (from time to time)

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks Sport Coach – I theory I know all of this but to implement it is the problem! I’m going to give it another go and see what happens!

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