Running and ramblings

Two time trails, two days and 8 kilometers under the belt.  Gosh it does feel good to be back at time trails and to run again after my selfimposed 2 month rest period.

It really felt like a mini reunion to be back at time trail and to talk to all the running friends and to hear all the Comrades war stories.  I thought that my massive blister story will take the cake until I heard about the lady who’s blisters was so bad that she may actually have to go for skin grafts – how insane is that, to run with the blood coming out of your feet and still keep on going and going, I’m not that bad – I hope!!!

Now I just assume that everybody know what a time trail is.  A time trial is a run with a club once a week on a fixed distance so it is possible to measure your past performance in terms of time to your current performance.   I had a bit of a giggle on Tuesday night, I’m seen a true blue runner now because I have finished Comrades.  I heard one of the beginners girls utter the wish that she really want to be able to run the 4kilometer time trail without walking once.  Well this hardened veteran runner – me – still struggle to run a time trail without walking!  I believe that there is absolutely no shame in walking – rather keep going for longer and walk than to give up after 2 kilometers.

And now onto my ramblings:

Zoe told me last night that I should have more patience with her – how incredibly is that – a three year old that knows the word patience.

There is a guy in the gym, sad to say I can’t stand the guy and always think that he is an arrogant twat and then I always feel so bad when I think that because the man has only one leg and he is still training.  Well last night I heard what happened to his leg and now my feelings about him is even more confused.  He lost his leg after the calve implants he had done on his legs rotted!!!  So going from skinny calves, to sexy calves to a metal calve on the one leg!! Now I wonder, does the real leg still have an implant in?  And what about that six pack and the big bi-ceps – true muscle or more implants?  Maybe the only real thing left on him is his artificial leg?  Shame on you – the poor man!

Well enough ramblings – got to work.

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