Charity and exercise

My ohhh my – why can’t I learn from past mistakes.  I ran Comrades for the Pink Drive and boy did I pay for that.  I had to run in pink socks that they provided and these socks just did not agree with my feet and I ended up with massive blisters on my feet after Comrades.  However I suppose I can not blame only the socks since it was my first ever Comrades and I did not really know what to expect.

However this second run-in with a charity fundraiser and exercise was really just a gigantic mess from beginning to end.  They asked me at the gym last week if I would cycle on a stationary bicycle for an hour on Saturday to raise money.  I was more than willing to do it since it is at the gym which means Zoe has a babysitter and I was planning to go to the gym anyway.

Well all my assumptions went horribly wrong on Saturday morning.  I got to the gym, booked Zoe into Club V and started to look for the bicycles and all the people. Well there were not bicycles in the whole gym, went to reception and they told me that the cycling event is at the other gym on the other side of the town.  Ran back to Club V, collected Zoe and drove like a maniac to the other side of town, by now I’m more than 20 minutes late for my scheduled start on the bike.  Got to the gym , booked Zoe into the club V there and started to look for the bicycles.  Went to reception and there they told me that it’s not at the gym but at the Mall close-by.

Now how can I go to the mall to cycle and leave my precious 3 year old all alone at a strange gym.  Well that was the end of my charity cyclethon.

But then my eyes fell on a machine that I’ve wanted to use for ages but they are not in my local gym – the Powerplate machines!!!  I was like a kid in a candy store, I had such fun on those machines.  But I’m paying the price today – I can not believe that I can this sore from just half an hour playing around on a new machine!!!

All was not lost on the exercise front for the weekend and I had a lovely lovely 15km run yesterday with a bunch of guys from my club.

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