Lessons learned

The 2 things that I said I would never experience has taught me the most about myself as person.

Firstly being a mom must have been the most rewarding and challenging task I’ve ever attempted. Zoe – my little girl – has taught me to be so much more patient and accepting. I’ve accepted to live in a house that is not perfectly clean and neat. It is so much more fun to play with play dough or finger paint or to colour than to clean the house.

She has also taught me what true love means. The love you feel for a child is higher than any other love you can feel in this world and it has given me a small idea of how God must feel about us, His children here on earth.

The other thing that has taught me a lot, is the challenge of running the Comrades marathon – www.comrades.com . My whole life was put to one side for 6 months whilst I trained for this marathon. It did not matter how tired or sick I felt, I still had to go outside and run. I could not go out with friends over weekends because I had to go to bed early and sober so I can get up at 4 the next morning to go to races and run long distances. Bad weather was not an excuse, I had to grab the foul weather running gear and still go out and run. I could not stay with Zoe if she cried and asked me not to run, I knew it was emotional blackmail and that she would be fine once I’m out of the door.

On the day of Comrades I had to keep going although the blisters under my feet felt like liquid fire and my energy levels were non existant. I had to get past the pain and tiredness and just keep going.

To finish that Ultra was next to Zoe my biggest achievement ever and it has shown me that I’m a strong person in body and mind that can preservere to go on and on. My body with all it’s flaws has helped me to achieve the unthinkable – a child and a finish in Comrades.

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